Simon has been in the industry for 10 years.  Having started as full time assistant with advertising
photographer Frank Herholdt, he went on to assist some of the best photographers of their field
such as Paul Wetherell, Mario Sorrenti, Patrick Demarchelier & Alasdair McLellan.

Simon has been shooting his own work for the last 4 years building his client base and his portfolio.
He was nominated in the "Judges Choice" Category 2005 Association of Photographers Awards
and was nominated in the “LifeCategory 2008 AOP awards

Both nominations led to being exhibited in the subsequent exhibition. In addition to these he has
also been involved with the exhibition ‘Film on Film’ sponsored by Fujifilm and exhibited
at the ‘In-Focus’ exhibition in New York, May 2008. More recently he was included in
the 2009 and 2011‘portrait Awards’ at The National Portrait Gallery London.